I am one of those curious persons who like to comprehend things by going to the depths of them. While navigating life, I discovered my penchant for reading; hence I took English Literature as my major. It was during my time at Delhi University that I was introduced to the world of cinema and its art. My fascination and admiration for filmmaking increased twofold in no time.

But the creative in me still felt unfulfilled, and my curiosity led me to filmmaking and studying cinema. There has been no turning back since. I have hit a few road bumps, but isn’t that part of the journey?

Being attracted to the creatives and roads less taken, I often find myself at crossroads with ‘what next?’ ‘What now?’ As I see my early 20s turn into my mid-20s, I decided to take up my passion for cinema and writing and put them together into one. Here at theaanchaljain.com, I will pour my heart and soul into sharing my thoughts on cinema from all around the globe. All the insights in the essays and reviews come from my top-notch education, and all the questions and confrontations come from my heart.